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Why Work With A DACBSP® certified Chiropractor?

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

– Bill Bowerman | Nike Co-founder & Olympic Track and Field Coach

This sentiment, encapsulated in a favorite quote of Dr. A’s from Bill Bowerman, is a guiding principle of our practice. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of occupation or aspiration, deserves the highest quality of care – a standard of treatment no less than what our professional athletes receive. This philosophy spurred Dr. Lauren and Dr. Avolio to become the only two DACBSP certified chiropractors in Southwest Florida, setting a new standard in our region’s chiropractic sports medicine.

As DACBSP certified chiropractors, they have acquired the pinnacle of expertise in managing and rehabilitating sports-related injuries. This rigorous training and commitment ensure that you receive personalized care, grounded in a deep understanding of your body’s capabilities. The result is a comprehensive, top-tier service that addresses your needs, fuels your ambitions, and optimizes your overall health.

For a closer look at what drives our specialized care, explore the ACBSP website to learn more about our DACBSP certification.