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Rene Forrest LMT

Meet Rene Forrest LMT, a dedicated professional with a passion for helping patients overcome chronic pain and soft tissue dysfunction. Her journey in the healthcare field began in 2016 when she worked under chiropractors, gaining valuable experience in office management, insurance and billing, and assisting with various therapies for patients.

Driven by her desire to make a more significant impact on people’s lives, Rene decided to expand her skills and enrolled in a massage therapy program. Through this training, she honed her expertise in therapeutic massage techniques, equipping her to address her patients’ physical challenges more effectively.

Rene is currently pursuing a certification program in neuromuscular therapy. This specialized form of manual therapy allows her to target and correct pain and dysfunction by treating trigger points, muscle adhesions, and fascial (connective tissue) patterns. This additional knowledge empowers Rene to provide even more comprehensive and tailored treatments to her clients.

Raised in Naples, Rene has deep roots in the community and is devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of its residents. Her dedication to her work is only matched by her love for her three children, with whom she spends quality time outside of her profession. As a nature enthusiast, she cherishes moments sitting by the water, getting lost in the pages of a captivating book, and cherishing the company of friends.

With her extensive training, caring demeanor, and commitment to improving the well-being of others, Rene Forrest LMT is the ideal partner on your journey to optimal health and wellness. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or simply looking to rejuvenate your body and mind, Rene is here to provide expert care and support every step of the way.