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Discover the experiences of our valued patients at Innovative Pain and Performance. This page showcases real reviews from those who have benefited from our chiropractic treatments, sports injury care, auto injury care, and massage therapy services. Read about their journeys to recovery and wellness, and see first-hand why we’re trusted for superior care in Naples, Florida. Your health is our priority, and we’re proud to share the positive impacts we’ve made on our patients’ lives.

I originally wrote a review of Innovative Pain and Performance. When I wrote the review, I had just started seeing Dr. Lauren McCabe at Innovative Pain and Performance. It was a five-star review, and I was very pleased with the serviced rendered from the staff. I am editing this review to say that if I could give more than five-stars, I would. I cannot tell you enough how amazing the staff is at Innovative Pain and Performance. I have been going for over a year now regularly, and when it comes to response, attention, and understanding, Dr. Lauren McCabe takes the cake. She has gotten me in on a moments notice when I was in severe pain, been very accommodating to my often hectic schedule, and helping me get referrals for imaging and other treating physicians to assist with my pain. Dr. Lauren McCabe is professional, polite, and has an outstanding (and frankly, quite impressive) background that demonstrates her complete understanding of the pain and injuries people face. I have recommended her to everyone who needs a chiropractor, and I would absolutely do the same publicly. If you are looking for a chiropractor or alternatives to pain management, please call Innovative Pain and Performance. Disappointment is not in their vocabulary, and you will get the most explementary treatment here.
Jessica Hayes Avatar
Jessica Hayes
Wonderful chiropractor! Dr. McCabe took her time to listen and assess my issues. I’m very happy I was referred to her. Also front staff was very pleasant and professional! Myra
No Name Avatar
No Name
I definitely recommend Dr. McCabe and Dr. Avolio to anyone looking for a Chiropractor!! Car wreck, Slip and fall, Sports injury, Pulled your back cleaning your home, Neuropathy issues! See the difference at Innovative Pain and Performance and move better!
Sarah Camacho Avatar
Sarah Camacho
I highly recommend Dr. Lauren. She has a lot of experience and impressive credentials. More importantly to me though, She really does an excellent job of actually getting to know her patients. I walk into my appointments and she knows me and my body. She can tell exactly what’s going on without me having to say anything. But of course, she’s so friendly and always asks how I’m doing and what’s going on. I also really appreciate the gentle touch warming up my body before adjustments. It’s like a massage! I’ve been to other chiropractors where I’m treated like a number and the doctor doesn’t even know or remember me. (Thrive Chiropractic & The Joint). I really like it at Innovative Pain and Performance. I’m so grateful to be getting care here. I look forward to being pain free, but I’ve already experience great improvements, and am able to carry my baby again. Thank you!
Lexi Tavares Avatar
Lexi Tavares
I was really impressed by the time and effort Dr McCabe took with me to try and help my neuropathy. Although I'm unable to use her services because of financial issues, she still went above and beyond anyone else has ever done to help me.
Juanita Collins Avatar
Juanita Collins
It was a great experience..!!!
Verti Lord Avatar
Verti Lord
Very clean, friendly and super professional!! I go every two weeks and keeps me going with my work, gym lifestyle!! Great staff and very organized and positive environment!!
Daniel Díaz Concepción Avatar
Daniel Díaz Concepción
The staff is so friendly, and the Doctor was awesome. Only have had one adjustment so far. But what a difference in how I feel.
Jp Pfundstein Avatar
Jp Pfundstein
Every visit is a 5 star visit. Dr. A is very thorough and very empathetic. There is no contract or commitment to a certain number of visits. I always look forward to going to innovative; great people, great treatment and I leave feeling 100% every time.
Tammy Seyler Avatar
Tammy Seyler
Love Dr. Lauren! Extremely thorough and completely felt better after my adjustment!
Debbie Mascioli Avatar
Debbie Mascioli
Highly recommended!
I went to Innovative Pain and Performance for my back pain. Dr. Avolio took his time and listened to me. The adjustment was a huge improvement with my back pain!
Altin Meleqi Avatar
Altin Meleqi
I loved getting to know Dr. McCabe. She is friendly and knowledgeable. Absolutely love Renee's massages before my adjustments. Both ladies have a lot of knowledge of the body and how things are connected. They provided great stretches and advice! Highly recommend this office.
Dayna Prevost Avatar
Dayna Prevost
Dr. A is so helpful and goes beyond a normal chiropractor. He gave me exercises to practice at home and truly cares about the well being and health of his patients.
Abigail Briggs Avatar
Abigail Briggs
Dr. Lauren McCabe has been wonderful. I came to her with multiple symptoms and problems. She listens attentively and she is dealing with all of them. She is kind and so down to earth. I feel like I’ve known her my entire life!
Karen Bernardi Avatar
Karen Bernardi
My entire family recommended Innovative Pain and Performance so I went for my neck pain and on the very first session I felt immediate relief which no other chiropractor had ever done for me before. I give my highest recommendation. Best husband and wife team!
Aleli Fuentes Avatar
Aleli Fuentes

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